Wednesday, July 29, 2009

more Marietta

It was a nice visit and we enjoyed the Atlanta aquarium and seeing “the general” at the Southern Museum, unfortunately, the digital camera stayed in the car. B took 35MM pictures and I may be able to get them uploaded later.

Marietta Ga

After our stay in Charleston, we went to see GM in Atlanta. She was very happy to meet Jack and to see H and B. H and B played some piano music for her and then B did some solo work. As always, when the music starts Jack is never very far away (picture of him under the grand piano).

more vacation

Some pictures of flora and fauna in SC. Note that H and B took almost all of the pictures.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

vacation part three

Some pictures of our day at Kiahawa island

vacation part two

We spent 5 fun filled days in Charleston, went to the beach at IOP and out at Kiawah island, toured cypress gardens in Somerville, went to the first settlement in Charleston (Charlestowne landing), toured Fort Moultrie and spent an afternoon downtown with lunch at the famous Hyman’s seafood house. The Villa pictured may look like any other generic military housing, and it is. The units are set up condo style and are in very good condition. Also, they are super cheap compared to a hotel. Also, please note the paleness, I got a serious burn and ended up wearing body armor to protect my skin.

Vacation part one

After the exam grading and review on that Friday, I went home, changed clothes and we got in the car and left for SC. I failed in my spousal duties in that I did not insist that K actually make reservations at a hotel on our route for that night. The consensus was that it would be better to drive half way or so and take a break for the night (I was ok with doing it all on Saturday). So as we traveled south, Jack and I napped in the back seat while K and B shared the majority of the night time driving duties. As it slowly dawned on them that there were no rooms to be had, they turned to me for my thoughts. I said that it would be cool to take a morning nap on the beach. And that’s what we ended up doing. We got to the beach on Isle of the Palms about 0645 and stayed until lunchtime. Ate and then went up to the NWS to Foster Villas. The nice cleaning ladies let us unload our gear, making room for groceries and we went to the commissary. After shopping and our official check in we ate and went to bed. The kids and K slept through the only rain we had on our entire vacation. Included here are some pictures at Foster villas, Jack’s first experience with dad feeding him without a high-chair. It was an adventure to say the least.


It was a busy month, all in all. License class for the month included unpaid overtime each day to study, several backshift days in the simulator (daylight shift is reserved for the training the operating crews), and several tests that included a comprehensive test over reactor plant primary systems.

Mid-month, we attended the youth conference at Steubenville. We took a combined group from our parish in ELO, and St. Paul’s in Salem, where K is the youth director. I was (volunteered by K to be) the male chaperone in addition to the normal dad duties that I have. So my weekend included, 8 trips between ELO and Steubie, getting Jack to day/nite care and being with the young men of our group at night. Needless to say, I didn’t get to go to any of the daytime sessions, but was able to attend the evening adoration and Sunday Mass celebrations. I am a firm believer that no one who spends time with Jesus in his Eucharistic form can come away unmoved, and Adoration at the conferences’ is always moving

At the end of the month, I was preparing for the afore menti0ned comprehensive exam while K and the older kids were making preparations for vacation. H and B had the camera for some fun, hense, no Jack. So here are some pictures to make it all worth it for you.

no excuses

I've been busy and stuff, all of you parents of todlers, with a wife that works and two teenage older kids that are trying to get an SRO license know exactly what I'm talking about. I decided this morning that I needed to practice my typing and uploading skills, so here we are. some pictures and commentary from June and July to follow.