Wednesday, January 28, 2009

snow and such

All of the schools are closed today, and following our quiz the lead instructor sent us home as the roads were getting worse and the LAN connection on our floor was out of service (unrelated). So here are some pictures that I had intended to send earlier this week. I will try to get some of the snow to post later today.


Thursday, January 22, 2009

A quick Jack update, that’s right, he’s sleeping and I finally found the patch cord for the digital camera. The synopsis: big growing up indicators. He can pull up and balance enough to key the piano, climb the stairs and drink out of the big boy cup. Actually he drinks out of his cup like I drink out of a shot glass. It is kind of amusing watching him do formula shooters. He is making constant improvement and we are all so proud. H was out of town for the weekend and B is in the nation’s capitol for the March For Life. More on that later. Enjoy!!!
PS the T-shirt says FBI (fat, bald, Innocent)

Monday, January 19, 2009

on my return

The last week was a little stressful and extremely busy such that every time that I logged on to blog, I got distracted. For details on the stress see my other blog as it was work related. I am working out more consistently and feel better for it. I will get some pictures of Jack today and get them posted. B went to the winter formal at Catholic Central last night. I would not have even waited up for him if it hadn’t been for the crappy weather here. We have about 12 inches on the ground and are getting about an inch of new snow a day. I wish I could figure out how to capitalize on the snow, as it is, its just a pain in the butt. H is in Virginia with her friend, they flew out on Friday and are returning today. K has started her last semester in school and is looking for a job. Keep that in your prayers out there…I’m dealing with a sore throat this morning and am hoping that it is not strep as H had it early last week. I’ll most likely have to go to the doctor tomorrow or Wednesday.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Jack growing up

Several good things about being in license class include being on daylight and having a little extra time to blog at the end of the day (along with weekends off). This week’s pictures are of Jack with his drinking cup. I wouldn’t try to let him stay hydrated by this means solely, but he was having a ball sharing some of K’s coffee and some formula. In the last picture he is banging the cup on his tray as if to say "argh, more rum!!" the little pirate. We had a nasty virus this weekend with vomiting and fever. Just are now recovering from it fully. Have a Great week.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New Year, K and the older kids went to Steubenville last night to a swing dance party at the cathedral. Jack was feeling pukey and I wasn’t really in the mood to dance so we stayed home and took a nap prior to midnight. The dancers got home just at the stroke and we all had a small glass of home made wine to celebrate. No work to day but will go to church later.

My prayer for the new year for us all is for Gods Blessing and a modicum of peace and stability. May He bless us all!!