Monday, August 31, 2009

minivaca vol IIIb

On Sunday, we went to a lovely Mass on the island and spent the day on the beach and at the campsite. We gathered wood left by campers in the park and had a nice fire. In the evening H and I took Jack to the jetty that shelters the boat ramp in the park. We all had fun and waved at the airplanes that went by.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

minivaca vol IIIa

Also on Saturday, we rented a golf cart and toured the island. Our family had done this before but Auntie and C had not. We had a good time. After our ride we stopped at one of the island’s fine restaurants and had an early dinner, it was a wonderful treat. Afterwards, we wondered down the block, B and C played putput and H got a temp tattoo. I think that her taste in “ink” kind of surprised the artist. Then we were off to the pier with Auntie and C.

minivaca vol II

In my focus on work, I did fail to back K up and check her paperwork for our outing. She had thought that she had reserved a Yurt. Instead what she reserved was a “rent a camp” which was a camp building with 2 bunks, a Coleman stove and lantern and plenty of bugs. It was really fun, we got to rough it and not actually sleep on the ground/rocks. We set up and got to the beach early on Saturday. Auntie and C came up to see us and after a huge runaround and nasty hotel thing (see Auntie about that fun) we got together and had fun (liberally sprinkled with cocktails). Next year, we will definitely be Yurting as they have a potty in the tent. Here are some camping and family at the beach pictures for your edification.

minivaca vol I

Last weekend we took a trip to Lake Erie to Kelley’s Island. It’s a small resort area near Put-In-Bay with a national park with enhanced camping. Our trip was auspicious from the start, as I had an exam on Friday at noon. This meant that I was primarily focused on doing well on the test and secondarily on everything else. It seems that when I was younger it was easier to multitask. Alas, had I not given up nicotine and herbal supplements it might be easier, perhaps I’m just old. To add to our discomfort, H had been ill all day and it was in question as to if she (and one parent) would come up on Saturday. In the end, as we were to find out later, we would have not have to have roughed it as much, but we all went together. Here are some pictures of the trip and I should mention that even thought H did puke on the hiway at Lordstown, by the time we got to Marblehead, she was much better. As always, we enjoyed the Ferry ride, almost makes me miss being underway,,,,almost. Enjoy the pictures.