Thursday, February 26, 2009

this weeks Jack

An interesting weekend to say the least, it was. K and I studying for major tests this upcoming week. K has a catechism test that is like a overall certification exam on Friday and I have the Generic Fundamental exam, which is the first phase of the NRC licensing process, next Wednesday. B has a part in the school musical (bugsy malone) and H just got done with science fair. She wouldn’t have participated if it was not a class assignment, but did well and is glad it is over. The pictures are of Jack and Gus following a meal of Italian meatloaf and pasta and of us during study time last night (or whatever H was doing on the computer). Enjoy!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Favorite Things

Each morning I attempt to listen to the “Writers Almanac” on NPR. Garrison Keillor gives some daily fun facts from the literary world and reads a poem. I find it quite soothing and today was especially so as it was about one of my favorite foods, pasta. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

by Diane LockwardWhat Feeds Us)
It was always linguini between us.
Linguini with white sauce, or red sauce,
sauce with basil snatched from the garden,
oregano rubbed between our palms,
a single bay leaf adrift amidstplum tomatoes.
Linguini with meatballs,sausage, a side of brascioli.
Like lovers trying positions, we enjoyed it every way we could
artichokes, mushrooms, littleneck clams, mussels,
and calamari-linguini twining and braiding us each to each.
Linguini knew of the kisses, the smooches, the molti baci.
It was never spaghetti between us, not cappellini, nor farfalle,
vermicelli, pappardelle, fettucini, perciatelli, or even tagliarini.
Linguini we stabbed, pitched, and twirled on forks,
spun round and round on silver spoons.
Long, smooth, and alwaysal dente.
In dark trattorias, we broke crusty panera,
toasted each other—La dolce vita!—and sipped Amarone,
wrapped ourselves in linguini,
briskly boiled, lightly oiled, salted, and lavishedwith sauce.
Bellissimo, paradisio, belle gente!
Linguini witnessed our slurping, pulling, and sucking, our unraveling and raveling, chins glistening, napkins tucked like bibs in collars,
linguini stuck to lips, hips, and bellies, cheeks flecked with formaggio
—parmesan, romano,and shaved pecorino—
strands of linguini flung around our necks like two fine silk scarves.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A day late

Jack and the rest of the family were in Columbus over the weekend so that B could go to an open house at Denison University. By the time they got back last evening and we had dinner, there was no posting time. B enjoyed it but was made uncomfortable by the mention of a college tradition “nude week.” K and Jack have a bug and when I woke up this morning I was feeling crappy too. I’m not surprised, I spent several hours on Saturday and Sunday outside picking up garbage and cutting firewood. Jack really missed being at his house, I guess that when at GME’s he gets held a lot so that he doesn’t get into things. He also missed his bathtub and toys as evidenced in the picture. Enjoy!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentine’s Day

I asked her what she for Valentine’s day and to me she replied
I have no idea, and why waste the money, we should economize
I merely wanted to show my love and my appreciation,
For all she does and all she prays and her catechization.

So to this end I took a search, and on the internet
With Google’s help, I found this poem and recognized the poet
It is a small gem, but I knew when I found it
That it fits us very well and so I think I’ll post it.

She will be away from me this day of love
To tour a college with my eldest
Perhaps tis not a dreadful thing
Passing another family planning test.

I gave myself to him,
And took himself for pay.
The solemn contract of a life
Was ratified this way
The value might disappoint,
Myself a poorer prove
Than this my purchaser suspect,
The daily own of Love
Depreciates the sight;
But, 'til the merchant buy,
Still fabled, in the isles of spice
The subtle cargoes lie.
At least, 'tis mutual risk,
Some found it mutual gain;
Sweet debt of Life,
each night to owe,
Insolvent, every noon.

Poem 22 ( I gave myself to him ) a poem by Emily Dickinson

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

This weeks Jack

Over the weekend H had a dance at school and invited B to go. I am really happy that the alumni can make an appearance occasionally. They were swing-dancing and from what the other girls in H’s class said were a hit. After the dance B brought the bunch back for a sleep over. As evidenced by my last post, Jack is ill this week and I spent most of the weekend doing light chores and watching him so that K could get part of her project (s) done for school and keep up on her reading. It took a lot of snuggling as Jack was pretty crabby. Both nights Jack was restless leading to me being tired last night and not getting the blogging done. The laundry and dishes did get done and Jack did get his bath. This weeks pictures are of the two oldsters in their dance clothes and of Jack moving around in the bedroom and hiding out in Gus' cage. Please excuse his jammies and the unmadeness of our bed. As always enjoy!!!

What's worse?

-a sick baby or a sick tween?
-a crabby tween, infant or wife?
-cold weather or weather so cold and snowy that I can’t cut firewood?
-being in a class at work for which I should actually study at home or having a wife in her last semester of college with projects and homework to do?
-weather being warm enough to cut firewood or weather being so warm that I can’t to the firewood to cut?
-feeling physically crappy and sick or feeling physically crappy because I didn’t work out because I’m sick?
-going to central Ohio for the valentine’s weekend in two cars with the dog at the kennel or staying home, saving the money for gas and the kennel, cutting fire wood and studying?

I don’t know, but I’ve got it all this week.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Jack and other things that matter

Sorry to those of you who are regulars (Mom), been kind of busy trying to get studied up for the initial phase of Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) licensing and taking care of the regular family business. The initial phase was instituted after the TMI accident because some of the operators in the control room did not fully understand the theory behind what the instruments were showing them. So the initial phase is theory. For more info on that go to the other blog ( This week was the Souperbowl at St. Paul’s in Salem O. This is where K is youth group leader/minister Saturday evening we went up for Mass and stayed to start the soups and play some games. It was an enjoyable evening, although Jack was ready to leave before the rest. He occupied himself the last half hour by licking all of the stir straws at the coffee mess in the meeting room. It was amazing to watch. On Sunday, we did some chores, made beans and ham and watched the Superbowl. As much as we hate to admit it, the Steelers are consistent and overall they played a better game. Of course Jack would not have anything to do with going to bed before the game was over and stayed up til almost midnight…..Turd. Here are the pictures for the week, H went to the book fair with K today (Catholic schools week continued) and is reading the book she got for Jack. And the other is of Gus wearing Jack’s winter hat. I think that they both hate it equally as it was on Guss’s head just about as long as we can get it to stay on Jack’s head.